At a young age, Arshdeep witnessed a magician levitating a card out of a pack of cards. Ever since then he has focused on improving the style of his magic by using the art of misdirection with pure sleight of hand. By exploring the physcology behind the worlds most secretive arts, Arshdeep's magic will definetly give your guests something to talk about! You will see Arshdeep making ordinary everyday objects such as Cards, Coins, Phones, Rings do extraordinary things. Objects will Levitate, Metal will melt and Objects will be appearing in YOUR hands, and much more!

So don’t hesitate to book him for your next event. He will make it a night for you and your guests to remember!

Table and Close-Up

Close-up magic is generally suited for groups of around 10-12 people, whether it's for groups at once, or whether performing table to table. Not only does this allow more people to witness the magic, but it is a great ice-breaker for all the guests. It is a perfect way to keep your guests entertained at your event.

Weddings & Receptions

Your wedding will be one of the most important times of your life, you will want to ensure that it is an unforgettable time for all your family and friends. Arshdeep's magic will help break the ice between all the guests at your event. His magic is suitable for all ages, and will definitely give your guests something to talk about. Whether its the wedding day or just the after party, Arshdeep's magic will ensure your night is unforgettable!

Corporate Events

Arshdeep's magic is a great way to break the ice between all your clients. From making objects levitate to manipulating fire we guarentee to make your events more exciting for all your guests. Arshdeep has performed at several business events including conferences and receptions and has captured the attention of many. Arshdeep's magic is a perfect way to make your corporate event a memorable experience!

Christmas & New Years

With all the presents and gifts, Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. Whether you're having a party or just a small gathering, Arshdeep's magic is a fantastic way to ensure that the guests will have a memorable experience at your event. Whether Arshdeep is performing for small groups at once, or moving from table to table, we can guarentee your guests will have a great time!